Independent analysis of an article

Use 250-350 words to include the following elements:

  • Part 1: Relevance to your research
    • How will this source help you with your scholarly article? And how will this source help us help MnM?
    • What is one key concept from this source that relates to your own project?
      • How will you use this source to build that key concept in your own paper? For example, will you use it to add information, to define, to complicate, or limit the concept?
    • Part 2: Connection among sources
    • Explain one way that this source’s major rhetorical elements relate to those rhetorical elements from other sources that you’ve read OR
    • Explain one way that the key concept that you analyzed above relates to a key concept from other sources that you’ve read
      • You may interpret the phrase relate(s) to above to mean any number of the following: complement(s), challenge(s), agree(s) with, extend(s), clarifies, complicate(s), overlap(s) with, etc.
    • Part 3: The next source (short)
      • In this article that you’re reviewing right now, do the authors cite one additional source that might be related to your project? Is this source cited several times?  Is this source quoted?  How is this additional source related to your project (think about rhetorical elements and key concepts)? Can you find a copy of this source?