Course Reflection Sample 1

This course has been a great source of learning for me. There are many dimensions of learning that I had from this course. First is the fact that I have had to discuss different topics in the discussion area which proved to be vital for me and was a great experience for me. Especially there was a lot to learn about the effects of the climate change as I was unaware about its effects and just like others, I also considered it a myth. Second is the fact that I learned to do research. There were different stage of doing a research like brainstorming the research question, writing a bibliography, doing a literature review and writing the actual paper. I hope that this learning process would be helpful in shaping my future as a researcher in a profound institute. I would like to thank the whole administration of UDC for their efforts and the opportunity that I got to attend this course.

Course Reflection Sample 2

It was simply great. I honestly believe that the course had so much to offer that I never expected from it. It was not just a course related to a specific topic but encompassed a lot more. I learned the technical side of writing papers and preparing presentations with PowerPoint. The part where I had to research the benefits of the PowerPoint for developing presentations was a great exercise. Apart from that I learned to use referencing and citation for a research paper. This was also a great exercise the fruits of which I tasted while writing my final exam and the research paper where I user APA styling for citation. The class discussions had their own utility, we primarily discussed the effects of the climate change which was full of information and intrigued me to play my part in responding to the effects of the climate change.

Overall speaking, it was a great course and a great experience and I hope I would become a part of such courses and experiences in my future student life.