What are your general impressions about the difficulty/easiness of writing process? Please describe your experiences with examples from the writing activities and prompts from clad. What do they show about you evolution as a writer?

Self Reflection

The writing process that I have used and observed for so long has been quite an improvement from when I began. The general impression that I have of the difficulty of the writing process is the fact that each stage of the writing process is crucial for the entire process to be a success. I have learnt that if one step is not executed in an orderly fashion as expected, it can lead to the entire writing process becoming quite unreasonable and difficult for the reader to understand. I have also understood as a general impression that if I pay enough attention to the details that go along with each stage of the writing process, the whole process becomes rather easy than difficult as compared to earlier observations. For example, the most recent draft that I wrote has improved quite a bit from the earlier draft that I had written. The comments from the professor in both drafts show the improvement that I have gained. The professor, as a reader of my writing, was better able to understand my most recent draft as compared to my earlier drafts, and my writing skills had finally captured much of the objective of the given paper, which is something that I would often fail to do in earlier writings.

The weak points of my essays have been the fact that I am not entirely able to connect my content with the mindset of my readers. I do write what is needed and required; my readers fail to understand or connect my transitions and content with each other. Hence, I believe that I fail miserably at transitioning paragraphs and accurately clarifying my objectives within a paper and what I want to express or communicate about in my paper with my readers. For example, in my most recent paper, I had written the thesis of my paper as the last sentence of the first paragraph, yet my professor, being the reader of my writing, failed to understand or identify it, and instead thought that I had written a thesis in the last paragraph of my paper, which was merely a conclusion paragraph and had just revised the thesis as a whole. Hence, it is obvious that what I write is not what my readers read as I want them to; instead, my readers get different meanings out of my writing, which means that I am unable to express my content effectively to my readers. On the other hand, the strengths of my essays are my research capabilities and the authenticity of the references that I use as well as the formatting of my paper. Both are strengths in my writing skills because they are valuable assets to any piece of writing. My sources, which are also cited in all my essays, are highly authentic and reliable, along with the fact that they carry a lot of research in relevance to my particular topic of the essay. Also, my formatting for each paper adheres to the guidelines of the specific format.

My weakness as a writer is the fact that I get carried away with a single point in relation to my writing’s topic. I am working on this weakness by making sure that I only write as much as is necessary to inform my readers about a particular topic, rather than flood information on one topic and make the readers get bored from the essay before they even get to the actual points. My strengths in writing, however, are the fact that I can come up with multiple points about any given topic, and that I am able to write enough on them to fulfill requirements of the paper. I learnt to do this by actively researching about topics that would be discussed in class as well as trying to gain as much general information as I could since it always comes to one’s help later on.

Other thoughts that I want to share with my readers is that one can never be perfect at writing. Hence, it is always important that a writer continue to practice their skills from time to time and accept criticism as it only helps make a writer better at what he does best.