Subject: Consensus Building regarding Floating Holiday Policy

Dear Colleagues,

Techno-Consult has always been concerned about the opinion of its employees when it comes to devising company policies which are directly or indirectly related to its workforce. As you may know, that according to company’s existing holiday policy (page 110, para 4), the floating holiday has to be decided by all the staff through anonymous voting. However, the governing body of the company has realized that closing all company operations on a non-public holiday costs the company a lot in terms of its reputation of continuous service provision. Therefore the body has advised another proposal regarding floating holiday.

The new proposal put forward by the governing body for consensus building states that employees may choose a floating holiday on individual basis. However, to ensure that staffing needs are fulfilled, any simultaneous requests regarding floating holiday from two or more employees of the same department will be considered based on seniority and the most senior employee will have the day off. I have been assigned the responsibility to collect your opinions and convey the results to the higher management for policy revision accordingly. In this regards, our Information Technology team of the company has prepared an online poll system and the voting link has been sent to all of you via email. This is to inform you that the link will be active till Friday, November 15 (17:30 PM). To give your opinion, you can click on the link which will take you to the voting page. The voting page will have two options, where option-A refers to the existing floating holiday policy while option-B refers to the proposed policy. I would like to further add that these unique links will enable you to vote anonymously to keep the process fair and healthy.

It is therefore requested that you may please make it convenient to submit your opinion within deadline in order to finalize the decision whether to keep the existing policy, or revise it as per proposed structure.



Best Regards

[Student Name]

HR Executive