War is defined as a state of conflict, blood shell or tassel between two groups of people in the form of tribes, army, and communities and well as whole countries. It can be fought over a piece of land or the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter and sometimes people fight for their basic rights to live as a human being. It is an aggressive way of conviction towards the opponent parties involved.

In the first article, namely, Warfare is only an invention – not a biological necessity by Margaret Mead, two different views regarding occurrence of war and conflicts has been given. On the head of the issue, warfare is considered to be in human being’s genes and human aggressiveness is highly condemned and criticized by most of the anthropologists around the globe.  People are portraying aggressively struggling behavior towards each other for their lawful as well as unlawful rights, or we can call them needs as well (Mead, 2013) . They appear to be in a constant competition with each other which mostly results in destruction and bloodshed. The second issue highlighted for the formation of warfare in the world lies with sociological intimacy. This term mainly refers to the people who are fighting for land, properties and their lawful belongings. Different sorts of wars are taking place on this planet such as race wars, cast wars and nationalization wars. Many small states can be recognized such as Eskimos, who do not have any specific native land or Lepchas who are living in a peaceful and organized way around the globe causing no source of trouble for each other. Another tribe, Andamans, have their wars taking place and end up having peace – making ceremonies negotiating on their terms and conditions keeping in mind the basic points which may prove to be beneficial for both armies involved in that so called war.

In my opinion, the points made in the first article by Margaret Mead, referring to the self-made destructive invention in the face of war, are very strong. In this world, humanity is greatly highlighted. Calling the people around the world as aggressively accentuated social beasts would be a wrong perspective. There are a lot of small tribes and nations where peace and harmony can be beautifully seen. These platforms portray the real picture of kind heartedness of human beings. War is a self-made behavior which shows lack of judgment and slow wittedness of the observers around.

In the second article, namely, Deadly Myths of Aggression by Carolyn Nordstrom, the conflicts regarding the concept of war are given. The real picture of war created formerly in the past was so much different than they are given now by means of media researches, texts of military involving deeds, literature etc. All the myths and issues regarding the human aggressiveness during war times, as mentioned in history, are mostly false (Nordstorm, 2011) . Incorrect historical facts also lead towards the summarization of human aggressiveness for the material world. Nowadays, people are only influenced by the facts provided as history that their dominance is unable to defeat. One cannot change public opinion regarding the warfare. People can be easily caught talking about war and destruction, their ways and procedures. But, only a few people may be seen talking about peace, harmony, merry making, capitalism and democracy.  War is inherited and peace is condemned in most parts of the world due to the utter presence of false myths. In World War I and II, most of the people died were not soldiers armed with heavy weapons. Ninety percent population of people dead during the war time included women and children. Most of the other people died were civilians. Nowadays, people are fighting over differences in religion and races. Different communities cannot live together forming one nation as a whole due to bitter myths present in their religious histories. War is said to be in peoples; genes nowadays which is an utter wrong concept. People tend to believe what have been concerted in their minds since their childhoods.

In my opinion, conflicts of the people occurring nowadays are only due to the misconceptions in their own minds regarding the histories and exaggeration of issues going on around the globe. In this act, electronic media plays a wide role. This concept has to change in peoples’ mind otherwise it may result in further destruction and end of peace and humanity in our world. There are many small nations which still practice peace. One should adapt the mind frames of people and democratic leadership traits of the rulers of such states.

Hence, it has been discussed as to how both articles view and define war as well as conflict yet how the world has portrayed conflict and war in reality. It has also bene discussed as to how both articles have similar opinions on the basis that war and conflict have been given a more notorious definition in the media and that it does matter as to how war and conflicts are defined since it defines the brutality and murderous atmosphere that was present in such events. Hence, it can be concluded that while the media itself has portrayed war and conflicts in meaning that have been amplified to drive public opinion, definitions of such events do hold meaning since they also highlight the significance of such events.




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