Essay: Spending Too Much Money

Spending too much money may seem like a vicious cycle, but that does not mean that all the effects are negative in this cycle.

Spending money is a luxury more than a need that has become so important to people overtime that most people do not realize why they are actually spending so much. It is almost like people are simply mesmerized by the looks of spending and do it only to maintain order and status among their peers, if not for their self-satisfaction alone. However, it can also be said at the same time that spending too much money is also the consequence of earning a little more than a person used to. For example, is someone earns a low income on an annual basis, he will find it hard to save up money for extra leisure activities other than his basic needs. In this case, he will have no choice but to spend less money. However, in the world of capitalism today, we are also made to look into consumerism. This means that if we have enough money to spend on something that is baseless, yet it can be consumed or purchased for home decorations or usage, we will buy it, regardless of noticing the pros and cons of purchasing such an item. In this sense, even if a person has an average income, he will spend as much of it as possible in trying to find out new activities to take part in, for no reason at all. But it satisfies the person, so it can’t be said that spending too much is completely wrong.

Another debate would be the fact that spending too much money is actually a waste of money. However, this is completely wrong, depending on what perspective it is taken upon. If a person truly earns money by doing hard work all on his own, and if he wishes to spend all of that money on himself, it is his very right to do so. It can certainly not be called a waste of money because the person is spending it on his own satisfaction rather than spending money somewhere where his heart doesn’t truly want to spend it, even if that is a charity. On the other hand, if a different perspective is taken, people will presume that the money is being wasted because they see a person spending money on things that will not actually benefit the world, or him for that matter. However, what such people do not understand is that at the time, the person is happy in spending their money and that is all that should matter.

The final effect of spending too much is actually a negative one and there is no bright side to it. The effect that people have the worst when they are spending too much money is that they forget much about realism in the world. They forget the real value of money and what it is worth to so many individuals in the world. When people spend too much money, they also forget to value the money they earn and in doing so, they forget to value their own work they put in. In a way, they are doing nothing but only earning to spend without ever having a proper aim in their mind of what they want to purchase and for what actual specific reason. This is a very negative effect of spending too much money because such a habit is undoubtedly going to make a person lose control of his priorities and in doing so, jeopardize his own future. When a person loses the value of what they earn and why they earn it, in all essence, such a person undoubtedly loses focus on their life and goes into paths that were never meant to be chosen by him in the first place.

As it has been discussed, the negative effects of spending too much money are many, and each negative effect, if looked upon from a different aspect, can be turned into a positive aspect. However, the fact that spending too much money can make a person lose its value is plain and simple clear, which also holds responsibility for spending too much money such a vicious cycle. Regardless, of this effect, overall, it can be understood that speeding too much money actually means that a person is healthy and living a very happy life in most cases. In many cases, it also means that a person has complete disregard of life and does not even want to see what it is like to earn in the real world and know the value of money in the real world. However, it all comes down to perspectives at the end of the day and having said that, it also becomes clear that if one person is spending too much money, they may have their reasons for such money spending sprees. Hence, in conclusion, it can be said that while spending too much money is a vicious cycle, it cannot ruin a person’s life, and has not done so in many cases, and that even though spending too much money has negative aspects, it is also a matter of perspective to understand and convert a negative aspect into a positive one.