Speech Topic: Deliberate Death Invitation – Smoking

Specific purpose: informing my audience on effects of smoking and quitting measures


  1. Attention Getter: Can you ever imagine that your best friend can kill you? Well, let’s put it this way, can you imagine trying a suicide or killing your best friend? No? Well, I know people who do. Who are they? Any guesses? Yes, smokers, both active as well as passive smokers are prone to lose their lives due to either smoking tobacco directly, or inhaling the smoke if someone else is smoking nearby. Center for Disease Control has declared smoking to be the leading cause of preventable death in the United States of America.
  2. Tie to the audience: dear listeners, as small as the cigar may seemingly look, one more puff has been the cause of approximately 440,000 premature deaths in the United States every year. If no mitigation measures are taken today then, it is no doubt that you or I will next in line. For this reason implementing the CDC tobacco control programs will go a long way in attaining an effectively reduced prevalence, disease impacts, and associated economic costs.
  3. Credibility material: I ask one question to you all; “do you possibly know the extent of damage smoking does to our body?” I will indeed present a slide with photographs of a smoker’s lungs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is approximately 1. 1.5 billion Smokers in the world and could possibly kill 1 Billion people in just one century (Fisher and Berry 43). Just to highlight a few facts, nicotine is the major component in smoking which boosts the risk of cancer and also increased effects of smoking including cataracts and heart problems.
  4. Preview: smoking is a vice that we must condemn in the strongest terms possible. I will, therefore, take a step by step procedure to inform you on the dangers of smoking with the hope that I will pass a message that will change people’s attitude towards smoking. My desire is that by learning the effects of smoking, it will persuade the smokers to leave the harmful habits by becoming fully aware of the health risks involved which not only him/her is exposed but their loved ones too.


Do have an idea about the chemical content contained in a cigarette? Indeed, there numerous deadly chemicals contained in tobacco including radioactive elements such as polonium, paint material elements such as acetone, pesticides, toxic gasses such as hydrogen cyanide and material naphthalene (Eysenck and Eaves 65). Today I want to hit the nail on the head on this matter by informing my audience about the disadvantages of smoking

  1. Health problems are the most obvious disadvantages, and as indicated by the American Cancer Society, nicotine possesses a great danger in addiction. After inhaling the smoke, it could cause lung cancer, larynx cancer and other diseases such as emphysema.
  2. Another is the distinctive foul smell that emanates from odor clings on clothes and hairs and other environments around such persons including the car, and living house is also affected. The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors explains that the tobacco odor persists even when the smokers are not in the room because the whole area including ventilation systems get saturated with the irritating cigar smell.
  3. By smoking one subjects the family into a real mess. Smoking in the living house is especially dangerous for the family since they get exposed to similar conditions as the direct smoker. This is pretty dangerous for children and other vulnerable groups. Pregnant mothers, for instance, put the lives of their unborn children in danger and could result in low birth weight babies, mental complications or even death.
  4. Finally, to all smokers, it is imperative to factor in the cost Indeed, cigarettes are an expensive commodity. This is not only in the cost of purchasing a cigar but also other expenses like dental cleaning, life insurance. The uninsured persons are subjected to a big danger of incurring massive medical bills.


Final review: Having understood the dangers of smoking, it is apparent that quitting smoking is the option. Here is a simple plan to help stop smoking habits.

  1. Decide on a specific date when stress-free.
  2. Draft down the reasons for considering stopping smoking. For example, my blood pressure will come down; I will reduce the risk to cancer,
  3. Bring on board the support of friends and family as they will help you keep away from smoking by engaging you in other activities like playing games.
  4. Identify triggers and develop ways of dealing with them. For instance going to places that do not allow smoking, spending time with non-smokers,

Tie back to the audience: there are numerous ways of quitting smoking. It is, however, advisable to visit a counselor on drug addicts to seek further advises especially on withdrawal symptoms.

Concluding remarks:  in conclusion, I have shared the different dangers of smoking and the measures for quitting smoking. I hope there is something useful for everyone. Thank you for listening to me.

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