Question 1

Salespeople need to understand that purchases made by their customers’ customers exemplify:


Selected Answer:

derived demand


Question 2


When the purchasing agent bought an order of sheet aluminum (used to make cans) from a new supplier, the salesperson told him that the supplier could deliver on a week’s notice. When the agent placed his first order, he was told that he could expect to receive it in about six weeks. The person filling order had violated the _____ that the salesperson had made.



Selected Answer:

expressed warranty



Question 3

Assuming company policies do not prohibit gift giving, which of the following gifts would be most appropriate for a salesperson selling earthmoving equipment to give a potential retail customer?


Selected Answer:

a coffee mug with the company name, logo, and telephone number imprinted on it


Question 4

Sexual harassment involves:


Selected Answer:

Any or all of the above

Question 5


0 out of 2 points

A sale is made:


Selected Answer:


  1. when the salesperson makes a offer. & e. when the contract is signed (FALSE)

Question 6

Compared to consumer purchase decisions, organizational purchase decisions:


Selected Answer:

are much larger


Question 7

To make its world famous barbecue, the Old Smoke House restaurant needs a steady supply of hickory wood. Because the Old Smoke House’s owner believes in _____, she has used the same wood supplier for almost fifteen years.


Selected Answer:

vendor loyalty

Question 8


Which of the following would be a likely ethical problem area in the salesperson-company relationship?


Selected Answer:

all of the above


Question 9

_____ laws are established by local, state or federal regulatory agencies.


Selected Answer:



Question 10

Which of the following factors is LEAST likely to influence the ethical behavior of salespeople?


Selected Answer:

tax policies



Question 11

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In terms of a salesperson’s relationship with other salespeople in the company, which of the following actions is unethical?


Selected Answer:

All of the above actions are unethical.


Question 12


Which of the following is NOT an example of a straight rebuy?


Selected Answer:

purchasing a new computerized inventory system to facilitate the implementation of a just-in-time (JIT) inventory system



Question 13


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Which of the following would be an example of a capital equipment purchase for a manufacturer of stained glass windows?


Selected Answer:


  1. lead solder to hold the pieces of glass together & b. the designs that are used for each project (FALSE)



Question 14

Larry, an inexperienced sales rep, has asked you to suggest ways to deal with potential ethical problems. What is your advice?


Selected Answer:

Develop and maintain a personal code of ethics.


Question 15


Imagine the manufacturer of Fancy Feast cat food has purchased “can sheets” for making its cans from Alcoa Aluminum for years, but it has recently decided to become more environmentally friendly. In doing so, it plans to talk to Reynolds Aluminum about its recycling project. In this instance, the purchase of “can sheets” would be an example of a _____ buying situation.


Selected Answer:




Question 16

. Which of the following statements about ethics is true?


Selected Answer:

Ethical principles establish appropriate behavior.


Question 17


Which of the following would be the most ethically correct gift for a salesperson of fire equipment to give a purchasing agent?


Selected Answer:

a pen with the company’s logo, address, and phone number imprinted on the side



Question 18


The hospital is considering changing its supplier of replacement joints. While surgeons make the final decision, the hospital’s purchasing department is promoting Kyocera because it manufactures one of the cheapest and most durable hip joints on the market. In terms of the buying center, the purchasing department is a(n):


Selected Answer:




Question 19

When the department store clerk tells Hilda that the coffee brewed by one particular coffee maker will make her think she’s died and gone to Starbucks heaven, the clerk was using:

Selected Answer:




Question 20

Ivan sells customized computer software and hardware to small businesses. To make the sale to Newport Nursery, he has offered to give the owner a reduced price if she will buy today. He initially quoted her a price $100 more than his company’s list price; his bargain price is the list price. Ivan has:


Selected Answer:

used deception in trying to make a sale


Question 21


Salespeople engage in _____ when they ignore a purchasing agent’s (PA) policy against contacting other employees without the PA’s permission, go around the PA’s back, and contact other people involved in the purchasing decision directly.


Selected Answer:

backdoor selling



Question 22


Most companies view their websites as:


Selected Answer:

a support tool for salespeople



Question 23


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To effectively sell to a centralized purchasing department, many suppliers use a _____ to coordinate the firm’s efforts so that it can satisfy a major customer.


Selected Answer:


  1. manager trained in centralization & a. supply chain manager (FALSE)


Question 24


The manager of the linen section of the department store, purchases towels from the XXX Textile Company salesperson. If the salesperson were to give him a payment of five percent of the total sale once the order was placed, it would be an example of a:


Selected Answer:


Question 25

A manufacturer of aquariums for consumers’ homes is most likely to go through all eight stages of the buying process when she is:


Selected Answer:

purchasing a new computerized inventory system to facilitate the implementation of a just-in-time (JIT) inventory system