1. Hong Kong Disneyland had mechanisms in place to adapt to local Hong Kong culture, yet these means appeared to be ineffective. Why?

The key factor that has led to the bad experience of Hong Kong Disneyland is the cultural adaptation,

tourist behavior of Chinese people, and the relationship with travel agents. The Chinese did not

effortlessly associate with the characters in the recreation center since they were new to the product;

they appreciate concentrating on what they can purchase, eat, and bring home, and taking pictures and

bringing them back home instead of the experience of being in the spot itself (Bradsher, 2005). Going

to Hong Kong implies a shopping background, so they pick the less expensive one, which is Ocean Park;

likewise, the Chinese individuals put a premium on instruction, where Ocean Park gives the instructive

viewpoint. The Hong Kong Disneyland did not notice an excessive amount of regard for building a

relationship with the travel specialists while Chinese sightseers depend a considerable measure on

travel operators (Einhorn & Balfour, 2009).

In this way, the most ideal route for Hong Kong Disneyland is to deciding contrasts in the Chinese

culture and embracing it; to comprehend Chinese visitor conduct inside and out, then to handle the

weights of neighborhood interest regarding the need of Chinese customers and vacationers; attempt to

give careful consideration to building an association with the travel specialists.

  1. Hong Kong Disneyland had mechanisms in place to adapt to local Hong Kong culture, yet these means appeared to be ineffective. Why?

With China anticipated that would get to be one of the world’s biggest tourism destinations, and

territory travelers turning into an imposing power with spending power, Hong Kong Disneyland

searches set for impending accomplishment, in any case on paper.

One of the significant challenges of the Hong Kong Disney World is that it needs to tailor its reasoning

and corner attractions to the nearby Chinese society, environment, and outlook while keeping the

Disney topic in place, something that has demonstrated testing to Disney officials (“Smallest

Disneyland has big comeback plans”, 2014). By incorporating itself into the Chinese social setting,

another test of the Disney is to maintain a strategic distance from issues of social backfire, traditions,

and conventions. Hong Kong Disney Land is unpopular to the point that a Hong Kong transvestite bar

close-by was drawing in more guests from the terrain China. In this way another test of the World

Disney is that they cannot draw in guests from the principle land China according to their desires

(“Hong Kong Disneyland has a bright future if we embrace visitors from mainland China”, 2016).

Lesson learnt by the Disney in the Hong Kong business sector is imperative to the World Disney to

enhance its nearness in the primary area China. In the first place and the most essential lesson learnt

by Disney in HKD is that Disney in China must be sufficiently enormous as far as size and attractions as

Chinese individuals like huge things. Adjacent to this, they must have strategies and component set up

to handle the staggering group amid holydays and weekends. Because of the feeble limit administration

in HKDL the normal lining time was 45 minutes at the eateries and over two hours for the rides.

Hence, HKDL could put more instructive materials about its picture. It can also bring photographs with

Donald Duck at the Hong Kong Disneyland. The HKDL can also provide merchandise which are

associated its picture for vacationer to purchase as endowments to bring home.

  1. What would be some of the foreseeable challenges for the Walt Disney Company if it chooses to enter the China market?

The HKDL must consider the way of life and practices of Chinese. For instance, interface the recreation

center topic with youngsters’ instruction. Sliced the cost to make individuals think it is worth to pay.

Hong Kong Disneyland must occupy its focused on travelers from Mainland Chinese to top of the line

outsiders by dispatching more promotions abroad. So the Hong Kong Disneyland can be better known

among the world (“Hong Kong Disneyland facing competition – USATODAY.com”, 2016). As another

Disneyland will be inherent territory later on, Hong Kong Disneyland can’t depend incredibly on

Mainland Chinese. It must grow its range everywhere throughout the world.

To expand the intensity of Hong Kong Disneyland, the Disney Company must grow all the more new

attractions that cannot be found in different Disneylands. Some individuals, who have as of now gone

by different Disneylands, trust that Hong Kong Disneyland is like the others, and the span of Hong

Kong Disneyland is the littlest among alternate Disneylands. The engaging quality of Hong Kong

Disneyland diminishes. In this way, Hong Kong Disneyland can expand the quantity of guests by

growing more attractions.