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Business Law 316 Chapter 3 Answers



Question 1

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Jerean was injured when she fell in a hole while walking through the parking lot at a grocery store. She and her lawyer hope they can settle the claim. Which of the following statements about settlements is correct?

A case can be settled provided that discovery has not commenced.

A case can be settled at any time.

A case can be settled provided it has not been filed with the court.

A case can be settled provided the jury has not heard any testimony.

Question 2

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Pablo sued Danica for injuries received in a traffic accident. If Danica does not respond to the complaint and summons served by Pablo within the prescribed time limits, Pablo may obtain a:

default judgment.

summary judgment.

pretrial conference.

judgment on the pleadings.

Question 3

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Federal jurisdiction based upon a “federal question” includes cases based on:

the United States Constitution.

a federal treaty.

a federal statute.

All of the other answers are correct.

Question 4

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Jurisdiction is:

the authority of a court to decide a particular type of case.

the study of law.

a federal court concept.

applicable only to appeals courts.

Question 5

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The fastest growing method of dispute resolution in the United States is:





Question 6

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Advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) include:

All of the above are advantages of ADR.

ADR is faster than litigation.

ADR keeps the parties talking rather than fighting.

ADR is less expensive than litigation.

Question 7

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Paula, a resident of New Mexico, was involved in a auto accident while in Arizona. The other party lives in California. Paula wishes to recover the $11,000 cost to repair her car. The most appropriate court for her to file her lawsuit is in a:

state court in Arizona.

state court in New Mexico.

federal court in New Mexico.

federal court in Arizona.

Question 8

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A United States district court is:

the primary federal trial court.

an appellate court.

none of the above.

a small claims court only.

Question 9

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A civil case generally proceeds as follows:

complaint, answer, trial, discovery, verdict.

discovery, complaint, answer, trial, verdict.

complaint, answer, discovery, trial, verdict.

answer, complaint, discovery, trial, verdict.

Question 10

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When an appellate court hears a case, it may:

All the other answers are correct.

modify the decision.

affirm the decision.

reverse the decision.

100% Correct Answers = 10

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