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Chapter 3 Case Exercises

1.    Create a network diagram for Data Mart’s current network configuration. Then create a second diagram incorporating the proposed firewall architectures.



2.    Create a table for each asset listed, including the firewall. In this table, list the users who need access as well as their corresponding level of access based on the simple three- layered scheme discussed by Rachel and Alex (user, power user, and administrator). Then explain which privileges are needed for the roles of user, power user, and administrator with regard to each device, dataset, or service.

Following is the desired table in the light of the description in the text book (Whitman & Michael, 2012).

Assets Users and Access Level
Staff and Customer’s Personal Data Owner (Administrator), VP,s (Administrative)
Financial information Owner (Administrator), VP,s (Administrative), Managers (power user)
Data Files by Clients Managers (power user), Clients (User)
Storage Data Managers (power user), Clients (User)
Analysis Data Managers (power user), Clients (User)
System Application Software Managers (power user)
Firewall Managers (power user)




Whitman, Michael. (2012) Guide to Firewalls and Network Security. 3rd  edition, Course             Technology,Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9781111135393.


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