Students conduct an informational interview with a University Alum in a field or industry of the student’s choice and write a 3-4-page synopsis of the interview.

The synopsis should include information on the person interviewed (name, title, company, how you found them), a main topic or statement indicating why you chose to interview this individual, and reflection on the topics discussed and knowledge gained from the interview. Do not include a word-for-word transcript of the interview.

Total Pages: 3

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Assignment: Interview an Alum

I would like to first introduce the person I interviewed so that I can get the readers acquainted with the upcoming details of the interview.

Name: Tina Sani

Job Title: Financial Administrator

Company: ABC

Education: Business Degree from Marymount University and an MBA in Finance from Adams University

Contact Information: ABC

I went to the Student Advisory Services a few months earlier to find help for tutoring help. Over there I met Tina, who works at the company as a finance administrator. I introduced myself to her and she was happy to tell me that she studied at the same university where I am studying. She helped me talk to potential tutors over the next few days. She said that she herself is a part time tutor for the finance subject. I had her email and when I was thinking of potential candidates for this interview, I thought that Tina would be a best choice. I emailed her and introduced myself the told her about the assignment. She said that she would be happy to give me an interview. I fixed a time with her at her office and went there to conduct the interview.

Reason I chose Tina: There are a variety of reasons that I choose Tina. For example she is an intelligent and a professional person. She is passionate about her job and loves to help others in any way she can. The main reason though is that I myself, am interested in the subject of Financial Management and she is an expert in this area. I thought that I will benefit from the interview for my future plans as a professional in the field of financial management.

The interview: I went to Tina’s office on the scheduled date.  I started the interview by asking her about the duties she performs in the company. She said that she takes care of different activities related to finances. She takes care of the payroll, rates and charging the students for the services provided to them.  She is also involved in different team activities where she plays an important part in devising a financial plan for the company related to the company rates and other financial activities that are necessary to run the organization smoothly and with transparency. She said that apart from that, she is passionate about tutoring finance related subjects. This not only lets her share her experience of financial management with the people she tutors, but also helps her generate some extra money. As the requirements of the assignment is to talk on a variety of topics, I asked questions about different things that related to her professional life as well to the things that she likes to do when she has some free time.

Tina has to deal with different people when she is at work. The majority of people that she interacts is students who acquire the services of the tutoring company. She has to manage the money that is charge to the students. She said that this gives her an opportunity to talk to students about their subjects. When she finds someone who is interested in financial management, she tries her best to encourage them to understand the different aspects of financial management. She said that it is important to be really interested in this field if you want to pursue a career in it. Financial management is a dry field as compared to other fields as the majority of the work is not related to dealing with others and being in contact with others. A financial manager has to look into payment records and balance sheets of the money transactions. Tina said at the theory learned at university level is very important for the professional life of a person related to finances. “When you have learned the basic principles of financial management in your first semester by heart, you will have a good chance to be a successful professional in this field”, she said with a smile. According to her, this field is very rewarding in terms of the salary you get for financial management related jobs.

She also talked about her off work activities. She is regular at Yuga. She believes in spirituality and Yuga is what gives her spiritual strength and mental satisfaction. She is not very much fond of having many friends. Instead she believes that there should be a few special friends with whom you can enjoy your free time and discuss your personal and professional problems.

Tina is happy with her professional choice and she believes that she has the courage that is needed to start her own financial management related company one day. But this is her long term project. At the moment she is gaining professional experience and looking for a perfect balance between her professional and personal life.

Knowledge gained: I was really happy to have interviewed Tina. In terms of knowledge that I gained from the interview is would say that the interview provided me with a glimpse to the life of a person that I want to be one day. I have learned from the interview that I have to be really passionate about my studies related to financial management as my present studies provide me with a basis towards a professional life. Having said that, I think that no subject is without a purpose. As I have observed that Tina has not only to take care of the financial activities of the firm she is working with, she also has to communicate with the clients about the payments they make at different times. There are always conflicts that arise during the transfer of money between two parties. Tina is a professional and has really good communication skills. So should I take a special interest in building my communication skills.  I have always thought of financial management job to be of a lesser contact with other personnel’s and it was also mentioned by Tina to be a dry profession. But from the interview, I have observed that Tina has to perform team activities in her company as well she has to sometimes be in contact with the customers. So it is not that dry after all.

From the interview, I have come to an understanding that it is important to find a balance between professional and personal life. One has to think of improving personal and professional management skills.

I would like to conclude my discussion by thanking the teacher for this assignment and would really be interested in carrying out more such assignment. This assignment provided me with an opportunity to learn about the importance of developing as a person and as a professional at the same time.

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