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Question 11 pts

Brand extensions are a strategic use of a brand’s equity, in which the marketer leverages the brand’s good name to get customers to buy something new.



Question 21 pts

A strength of the umbrella branding approach is that once the company brand is established in the marketplace, subsequent product introductions are easier for customers to accept.



Question 31 pts

Nancy is considering whether her toy manufacturing business should develop its own brand.  Which is a company reward Nancy can expect from branding?

Brands confer status.
Brands signal consistent quality.


Brands enhance loyalty.
Brands convey information.


Question 41 pts

In Western cultures, what is the key brand association?

the extent to which the consumer feels a personal connection to the brand
personal benefits of the product


all of these
attributes such as appealing color and a creative name


Question 51 pts

Frank and Dell are researching the value of top brands for their marketing class, and they find out that, according toBusiness Week, the top U.S. brand in terms of brand worth is



Coca Cola.


Question 61 pts

Brand 123 has customers in many countries purchasing its bicycles, but its managers are unsure if the brand is truly a “global brand.”  What percent of a global brand’s revenue should come from other countries?





Question 71 pts

Jasmine is a senior executive of a very successful 100-year old company.  Some younger employees in the marketing department want to update the company’s logo, but Jasmine and other senior executives feel that a company lucky enough to survive for decades does not have to change or modify its logo.  The executives are correct in their assessment.



Question 81 pts

Which of the following brand names lacks an inherent meaning?

Geek Squad


Trump Towers


Question 91 pts

Which is NOT an example of a company using an umbrella branding approach?

Canon’s cameras and copiers
Nike makes shoes, clothes and gym bags


Proctor and Gamble produces 80 major brands
Honda’s cars, motorcycles and lawn mowers


Question 101 pts

A line extension is where a brand name is applied across different kinds of products.



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