Following is one of the way you can do a course self evaluation or a course reflection.

This course had let me develop as a person and as a professional in many ways. The course was a mix of different activities that has left a profound effect on my personal and team work performance skills. During the course, we had to do a variety of assignments and readings. The activity that I had really enjoyed was the one where we had to produce individual book reports. I, personally am not that much of a book worm but I have realized that reading books is an important aspect of our personal and professional lives. We were also engaged in writing email memos to different organizations. This process let me get a glance at business communications. These email were supposed to be written with clear goals and intentions. The email memos act like a representative of the company that one works in. We had to write business letters as well. These business letters were demanding a very professional insight but we were able to learn to write these letters with the help of our teacher. The other aspect of the course involved company briefing. These briefings are organized at different times in a company production cycle and other management cycles. I learned the process of how to be prepared when one has got the duty of giving a company briefing.  Different presentations that were part of the learning process provided me with an opportunity to learn to speak in front of other people. Before this exercise, I was always shy of speaking in front of an audience that was there to listen to me. Presentation is a very useful way to present your ideas in front of others. I also learned different tools like MS Powerpoint to prepare the presentations. Other group activities were also the part of the course that taught me to learn to work as a part of a team. This is very necessary for working in any organization.

Overall the course was a great introduction to working in any organization. I wish that there was more time available so that we could have gone to more depths of the topics that we were introduced to.

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