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Course Title: Introduction to Communication

As it has been stated in the course objectives that at the successful completion, I will be able to gain a self-confidence in communicating my ideas to others with verbal and non-verbal fluency, I am really happy to announce that I really gained a lot from the course and I have successfully upgrade my verbal and non-verbal communication skills. At the start of the course I used to be shy at expressing my ideas. I did not have the technical English language skills to express my thoughts in a profound manner. As a result of this course, I have come to realize that communicating and “just talking” are two different things. I mean communicating refers to not just speaking but also listening. The speaking and listening also involves an in depth understanding of non-verbal communication.

Class discussions and assignments related to movie review, public speaking, interviewing and case study practices have left a really positive influence on me. I would like to say that I have experienced a paradigm shift in my communication skills. I now can grasp the primary motives behind debates, movies, interviews and case studies. In fact I believe that I, myself can write a movie review after I have watched it. I believe that this was necessary for me to go through this course in order to find my shortcomings in communicating my ideas and thoughts about a variety of formal and informal topics. I have been working on these shortcomings and would continue to work on them as learning to communicate is a continuous and gradual process.

I would also like to write about the objectives of the course and my feedback on the achievement of these objectives. There were many objectives of the course and I believe that I was able to achieve most of them. Over here, I would like to stress on some of them which I think had the utmost importance in my personal growth. I have been able to pin point the importance of the role of communication in making connections in my daily life. I say it because, before I thought that social connections are only made with like-minded people and there is no real communication effort required for it. Now I know that communication process can bring together people with unlike minds to a consensus. I have come to realize that the world we live is a collection of diverse cultures and people. Everyone has the freedom to express his/her thoughts. I have no right to straightaway reject or disrespect people for their free expression of thoughts. Whenever I disagree with someone, I have to disagree with respect. I have learned conflict resolutions techniques and I believe to be a good listener is the gateway to conflict resolution. I now know that relationships development is a stage wise process so is the relationship deteriorating. I know now that teams can reach goals much faster and efficiently than can individual by themselves.

I would like to conclude my discussion with an emphasis on the most important objective of the course that is “Get to know yourself and your colleague better”. I believe, in my case, this was an eye opener as I have learned that you cannot know others unless you know yourself first. I have started to focus on self-development. I believe that the self-development process will allow me to be more understanding towards my family, friends and colleagues.

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