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We cannot deny the importance of knowledge when we talk about its input to the overall progress of an organization. I believe that it should be an organizational demand of any organization to expect from its workers to be always engaged in reading material that would be helpful in the organizational activities. The whole identity of an organization is shaped around the level of business and technical knowledge its employs have because a continuous knowledge process is the key for the employs to get to know the changing organizational requirements (Alvesson, 2001). We live in a world where there is greater influence on the organizational activities by the advancing technologies. These technologies come in the form of physical objects or in form of software that effects can improve the functioning of the company provide there is enough human skill to use these advanced technologies.

New business techniques and new communication technologies have a great impact on our businesses (Roy and Filiatrault, 1998). I believe that it is important for me or anyone else to understand this impact and get acquainted to the changing world as soon as possible. The gateway to knowledge about the emergence of new technologies and lattice business practices is with the help of continues reading. This reading might involve reading new books and online research articles. It could also mean reading newspapers that are related to the lattice happenings in the financial, technological and economic market. The point here that I want to make is that the insight that one gets from individual research and reading material related to the processes of business is beneficial for both, the professional growth of the person and the overall success of the company in achieving its long and short term goals. I believe, the companies need to invest in providing its employs an opportunity to engage in researches that would benefit the company develop in a scientific manner.


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