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In the book, Inside Apple, the author, Adam Lashinsky, has delivered a never known view of the inside organizational structure and its processes. Apple is a company that keeps much of its activities secret from the eyes of the general public. It is also necessary for the company to do so as they introduce new technologies to the market and if the outside world gets to know about it, their products can be copied an introduced in to the market before even Apple has introduced them in the market. The Author therefore had many challenges in getting into the core of the company and conducting interviews with the staff regarding Apple’s activities.

Inside Apple was written in 2012 when Apple, as a company was on the top in regards to the handheld devices market, mostly their iPhone. Adam Lashinsky has closely monitored the actions that Apple takes in order to be on the top of the market. In one discussion the author writes about his visit to a room where he saw hundreds of box designs for the new iPod. The room was called “iPod unboxing room”. The author believes that Apple goes in too much details about all aspects of their products and this is their competitive advantage.

The author believes that Apple focuses on the self-development of its employs where less guidance and more research is preferred. Apple also keeps the specifics of its full products from its employs. Meaning that only know about the part they are working in. The third thing that the author has also lauded the importance of the senior executives and their vision and leadership in shaping apple where it is now.

I would like to shed some light on the above mentioned three aspects of Apple by the author of the book from some external sources as well. Rehman (1993) conducted a research on the importance of self-development and found that learning from experience and self- interest is more beneficial than being guided in each and every process by training. The secret nature of the activities of Apple is also a factor of the company’s success. Bunnel (2001) conducted a research and wrote a book on the business secrets of Ebay. He believes that Ebay has been so successful because it keeps its business secrets safe. The vision of the leaders is, I believed a well discusses and researched topic. Research has suggested that the most important aspect of the organizational effectiveness is the vision of the leadership of that organization (Zaccaro and Banks, 2001)


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