To live an economically sustainable, civilly engaged and meaningful life, one must strive to reach his/her best intellectual capacity to get closer to common good. According to Eternal Law, “everything in the world is seeking to be in the highest degree that is allowed by the nature.”  I personally believe in this definition of common good. Each human including me has the tendency to be good. But we are not in control of everything we do. Our financial, religious, gender and racial status influences our day to day functioning in one way or the other. Under the umbrella of the United Nations, the world has set human rights that is a step closer to the concept of common good but not every government abide by it.

My decision to live a meaningful life is also going to be influenced by these external factors. The way I deal with these external factors is, I believe going to define the worthiness of my meaningful life plan.

Do I have a specific meaningful life plan with specific goals?

I gave it a thought. I did want to come up with a specific plan with specific end goals. I thought of different options of working for an organization, teaching profession, and developmental sector and so on. But I was unable to pin point a plan with specific end goals in terms of a profession. Therefore I prepared a general plan that would not only focus on what I am now but also what I would evolved to be with the passing time and experience. Following are the specifications of my life plan.

What I want from life?

The first point to devise a life plan is to specify what I want from life? I want to be a successful person who can live a standard life with both physical and emotional needs fulfilled. Physical needs are mostly fulfilled by money that is a form of power which I will discuss later. My emotional needs are most probably going to be fulfilled by relations. I believe that I will strive to build relationships that are based on mutual love and respect instead of manipulative techniques and lies. I wish these relationships to be just like Aristotle’s “Friendship” which enable people engaged in relationships to realize share principles and values. This specific realization is a way forward towards a common goal of common good and human dignity. If I am able in establishing such relationships, it would definitely be my competitive advantage.

Dealing with “Power” and “Control”

Power is the ability to get things done while Control is based on influencing others by fear. I am not a controlling personality, and I believe that this is my major competitive advantage. I do know the dynamics of power. It can be bad when organized money is used for self-interests. But it can be a good tool to organize and lead people towards common goals. These goals do not have to be huge. It could simply be leading an organization where people of different races, religions and gender are treated equal and with respect. I could be becoming a part of an organization that works for social welfare. It could be becoming a part of attaining a huge goal or defining little environmental and social friendly goals and then influencing people to follow you or accompany you.


So what is the Actual Plan then?

The actual plan is to make ethical decisions for the present and think about how they would lead me towards a future that will be economically sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable. At present I have decided that I will take part in walks, seminars and social awareness programs. I will also attend entrepreneurial trainings whenever I get a chance so that I can build my capacity to be a good leader and learn to make meaningful relationships. I need to define my interests right away. Till now, my interests have been watching football and going out with friends. But now I have decided that I will change my life pattern and make a schedule where I can do things on time. Like I will call may parents and siblings one a week to enhance our family relations. I will also try to engage with the local community to know about the lives of other people who have a different cultural setup than mine. This will help me become competent in dealing with people from different cultures. The modern world is a global village. Almost all major organizations are multinational meaning their project teams consist of people from different countries and cultures. I have to be able to work in such situations. To make my life economically sustainable, I will gradually work on my spending habits. The money that save by avoiding overspending can be donated to charities or other good causes I believe.


In my discussion I provided a general outline of what my life plan is and how I am going to effectively implement that plan according to the principles of common good. I have to keep changing my life plan with the changing circumstances. So that when opportunities come, I am ready to avail them. I will critically think about my life and ask intriguing questions. My future and my life plan exists in answering these questions honestly and believing in myself and others whom I trust and who trust me.

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