1. What device will be the brain of your Boe-Bot?

The Basic Stamp will be the brain of the Boe-Bot.  It contains the program software that will be run on the Boe-Bot.


  1. When the Basic Stamp sends a character to the computer, what type of numbers are used to send the message through the programming cable?

Binary numbers are used to send the message through the programming cable.


  1. What is the name of the window that displays messages sent from the BASIC Stamp to your computer?

The messages sent from the Basic Stamp are displayed in a window called Debug Terminal.


  1. What PBASIC commands did you learn in this reading assignment? List AND define them.  Where can you look up more commands?

I learned the following commands:

  1. DATA: This command represents the data item.
  2. DEBUG: This Command is used for output data.
  3. DEBUGIN: This command is used to input data.
  4. END: This command ends the programing cycle.
  5. PAUSE: This command delays the program for a certain number of Milliseconds.

Additional book resources are included with the BASIC Stamp Editor Software as PDF files. These books are a good source of information about regarding more Commands.


  1. Explain what you should do with your Boe-Bot at the end of your programming session when you are leaving for the day? (hint: 3-position switch, batteries)

When we are done with the programming session, we should disconnect the power. This will ensure for the batteries to last longer. Move the 3-position switch to position-0 by pushing it to the left.

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